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This is the Machine

My backyard is my fortress of solitude.  It’s where I go to refine, re-group, and practice the skills needed to take on my dreams that lay ahead.

The idea of my backyard was to build a training ground that allowed me to focus on specific styles of movement, preparing me for certain goals set out. The arch was built with World Cup Mixed climbing in mind, giving me the opportunity to train like i compete. It has lead climbing up a 35 degree wall, reaching a roof system at about 30ft off the ground, bending over to a 15 degree wall that comes down into the bouldering section.  The bouldering area, which consists of an outdoor area as well as into a bouldering cave, was built for the obvious: rock climbing but also to train specific “power” movements with my ice axes.

Beyond the walls, there’s various “stations” that pertain to conditioning; like campusing walls, gymnastic rings, pullup bars, dangling logs for movement training, etc, and these all play an important role in my training.

A typical week; I’m in the backyard 4 nights out of 7. When I’m training specifically for World Cups, my training programs usually have me out there for approx. 2-3hrs/night. Working through various exercises, I typically use every aspect of the backyard, from climbing to conditioning. In the “off season”, I’ll still utilize the entire backyard to train for rock climbing.  It’s so helpful to have what I have because we don’t have a climbing gym anywhere close.

The Backyard is ever evolving. There’s always new ways to train, thus i’m always out there building, re-building, and trying new ways to get stronger. But, the overall goal with the backyard was to build a training facility that allowed me to be closer to home. I travel enough as it is, so if i can create a way to be home more, with my family, then job done.