With all the training I’ve received, my experience as a climber and competitor, and the overall “lifestyle” that I lead, I’m able to pass that on, helping and developing athletes that are looking to achieve their goals.

As a competitive Mixed/Ice Climber, my coaching typically involves this style of movement (however not limited to such specific climbing).  My coaching also goes beyond climbing, but into real life too–whether sport into life or life into sport, learning how to be healthy in either/or will give you the ability to go further, try harder, and truly reach your utmost potential.

I love sharing my passion for climbing.

These are a couple of books that I’m reading. Both of them lend themselves to athletic pursuit and strengthening you as a person–in sport and in life.

rise of superman the way of the champion

If you’re looking for a coach specific to Mixed Climbing/Competitive Ice climbing as well as some pretty awesome “life stuff”, I’d love to talk more with you.

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