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Along the way we experience the inevitable. We cross paths with the unknown every moment of ever day.  Whether relevant or irrelevant, everything that crosses our path counts in some way or another.  The best we can do is embrace each and every encounter with a full heart or with a grain of salt.  Because along the way, what we do or how we react is what defines us.

I think i’m coming to a point in life where fearing the busyness of “it all” is slowly fading away.  Fear in general has controlled so much of what i’ve defined life to be, that only as of late have i had the chance to experience , or better yet enjoy “the moment”.  I’ve feared reaching out, moments of vulnerability, fear of loss, risk, failure and consequence.  Fear held me back from the fullest.  Fear lead to a sense of incompletion. But fear, like any bad cold can be remedied.  It just takes patience, understanding, and a willingness to fight off the infection with any means possible.

Along the way opportunities arise.  Sometimes we seize the day, sometimes we cower away.  But those moments when we take a second, to step back, to process what’s in front of us, it’s then that we come to realize the way forward.  Along the way, grabbing ahold of what’s next or what’s to come…it’s up to you to decide whether your meant to squeeze tight and not let go or to let it slip away into the abyss of all the what ifs.

One minute i’m standing in the middle of a major highway helping some random girl pick up her life, which blew off her car…scattering across the road.  The next, i’m in Salt lake city in amongst the craziness of the outdoor industry, representing the brands to which i stand by.  One minute i’m mowing my lawn and the next i’m having breakfast with co-athletes pre competition at the Swiss Ice climbing world cup, in Saas Fe, Switzerland. One minute i’m training for a world cup competition…and the next–I open up an email inviting me to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games, to represent Canada for Ice climbing.

It’s all a path.  Whether you’re standing still or walking the walk, life is a path.  Maybe you’ve chosen your path, or maybe a path has been laid before you.  Whatever the case, keep your eyes open, realize your options, the choices, see the pros vs. the cons, focus on the courageous heart that’s screaming at you to go the distance.  Risk.  Take the risk.  Take it and succeed, or fail…but take it because when you look at yourself in the mirror next…you’ll know that you took it…and that you’ll take it again.

Sometimes along the way you run into times of despair, hardship, failure, exhaustion, or the questioning of motive.  Somedays are harder than others.  Life isn’t always filled with peaches.  Ya know?  But along the way, times of frustration or difficulty…they lead to a stronger sense of understanding, or…inspiration and enthusiasm.  Night after night, day after day, I train…and I train hard.  I have goals and yes, certain expectations.  And it ain’t easy let me tell ya.  Especially when you put all that effort in…and the results don’t add up.  But what i can say, is that along the way, i’ve gained tools, further understanding, and a level of passion that has driven me to keep going on my path.

A good friend once told me, “you were meant to compete”, and that friend just so happened to be one of the strongest competitors i’ve ever met.  Yes, i agree with him, most of the time, but this path, if it hadn’t have been for what i’ve learned, seen, experienced, shared, along the way, i would have given up long ago.  Are you starting to see what i’m getting at? Yes? No? What we come across “along the way”, it’s what creates opportunities of a life time, moments that we never forget, people, places, victory and defeat.  Take hold, fight back, follow the road, walk the line, stay strong, and be bold.

It hasn’t been an easy road.  From the start, day 1 if you will, until now…there’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  But along the way I’ve learned (from the masters) how to put my dukes and stand firm, fitted with readiness.  Influence has plucked me from the wrong way and dropped me back onto the right way.  I choose to believe that “THE” Master has protected me, fighting for me to supersede any self sought out expectation and present what is a life beyond comprehension. Along the way i never thought i’d be married to a wonderful wife and a father of two beautiful daughters.  I never expected to be running my own graphic design firm. And I’ll tell you this, I never ever expected to be climbing full time, supported by many wonderful people, and training for the Olympics as well as a podium spot on the World Cup of Ice Climbing tour.  I may have taken the “long way”, but it still seems like the right way.

I guess my point in all this is that every day is an opportunity.  In fact, every moment is an opportunity.  Take it, believe in it, heck believe in yourself, and then do it, have it, grab it, kiss it, play it, climb it, shoot it, jump out of the way of it, marry it, die for it, run to it, buy it, move towards it, or simply clip the chains on it.  Life is not meant to stand still.

Along the way I’ve been given the chance to go to the Olympics (as mentioned), and so this is the beginning of “The Road to Sochi” as well as coverage, ideas, thoughts, etc. on my training and preparation for the upcoming 2014 World Cup of Ice climbing Tour.  Get ready, because big things are going to happen…and wow am i excited.

Here we go.


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